Create your Sustainable Social page and share what your school is doing for a more sustainable world - perhaps it's a recyling project, gardening, tree planting, climate change initiative or plastics - let's tell others about it.  And/or start a project like this plastics example:

A super easy project we hope all schools around the world will do. A class or the school environmental group or even the whole school to pick up plastics in and around the school for just 15-20 minutes once a week. Search for even the tiniest pieces of plastic that can make their way into waterways and damage wildlife. Then your small area on the planet will be free of plastic and your school is protecting wildlife - cool, hey?
We hope to create a movement of schools around the world doing that simple weekly action. Here are some kids in Fiji doing it (scroll to 2nd video) Yeah, they have a bigger job because they have a lot of plastic drifting in on the ocean currents. 

If you are a student

Ask a teacher to register and nominate contributors post your school’s sustainability activities on your page. Individuals can follow the school’s Page, just like you would on Facebook. Ask other schools to do the same and will follow your lead.   

If you are a school staff member or approved leader

Sign up and ‘Claim’ your school - there is a short verification process. Then post and share whatever your school is doing to be more sustainable, even the smallest initiatives. The School category is new, so please sign up and lead the way.
Please note, you can hide our red Donate button in your page and add a button in your contact panel directing people to the school’s fundraising site.

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